bike covers that tame the rain.

heavy-duty bicycle covers.

weather, do your worst.

bike cover with palm leaves next to a white wall
close up of bike cover fabric with backpacks in the background

knock-out performance. (guaranteed).

our bike covers are tough. like stallone in rocky tough. and like rocky, they might take a beating, but they'll never give up. 

storm skin bike covers are made from the same ultra-durable material as premium hiking backpacks. 


our bike covers come with a 12-month guarantee. now that's knock-out!

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backpack fabric

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100% recycled polyester

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up to 9x

thicker material than rivals

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say hi to bone dry.

storm skin's 100% waterproof bike covers provide unrivalled protection from rain, wind and UV. 

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certified waterproof to at least 3,000mm 

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sealed seams prevent water penetrating the bike cover. 

bike cover fabric with water droplets

"well made and beautifully stylish bike covers."



"such a fan of this brand. my bike has never been happier."



"in a different league to other bike covers I've tried.  top marks."


bike cover with velcro lock hole

think again, thieves.

2 carefully positioned lock holes allow you to secure your frame, front and rear wheels without having to hitch up the bike cover.


this police-approved locking method minimises the chances of theft.

lock holes

bike with two locks on it

don't just cycle,

got a distaste for waste?

our bike covers are made from 100% recycled polyester. 


unlike some brands, we do not use fluorocarbons in our bike covers. these nasties are sometimes called 'forever chemicals' because, once released, they do not break down.  

greener than reverend green, drinking green tea, in green park? ok, not that green, but it's a start.

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bike cover battles?
forget about it.

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storm skin bike covers can be fitted in seconds.

elasticated drawstrings allow the bike cover to be adjusted for a perfect fit - no more billowing in the wind. 

simply pull on, tighten and go.

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bike cover with toggle
bike cover in bag

pack it up, pack it in,

let me begin.

a unique built-in storage bag allows you to quickly pack away your bike cover.


easily store your bike cover when not in use or take it with you for on-the-go protection.


bag dimensions: 32 x 35 x 13cm.