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(if your query isn't covered then please contact us and we'll be happy to help.)

will it fit my bike?

our bike covers are suitable for most bikes, including men's and women's road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes and hybrids (up to handle bar width of 75cm).  an elasticated drawstring allows the cover to be adjusted to perfectly fit your bike. 


does it fit more than one bike?

no.  our bike covers are designed for one bicycle only.  our covers are ergonomically designed to fit snugly over your bike, preventing any rain from entering.     


what makes your bike & BBQ covers more durable than the competition?

the strength of fabric is determined by the quality of the fibres used in the weave.  in particular, the thicker and denser the yarn, the stronger the material.  we use heavy duty yarns not found in rival bike covers. our covers are up to 9x thicker than rivals.  our covers are all certified UV resistant. a special coating on the fabric reduces fading and perishing caused by exposure to the sun.    


how waterproof is the material?

our bike cover is 100% waterproof.  our covers have undergone stringent hydrostatic head testing and have a certified waterproof rating of at least 3,000mm.  our bike covers also have taped seams for added protection. there is no better protection for your bike or BBQ.


what's your returns policy?

refer to our returns policy here


how do I fit it?

our bike covers can be fitted in seconds.  start by loosening the elastic hem using the toggles provided.  next, put the cover over the front wheel with the storm skin logo at the front of the bike.  finally, pull the cover over the rest of the bike and tighten the elastic hem again.  

Our BBQ covers are equally easy to fit.  Pull the cover over your BBQ with the logo at the front.  Fix and tighten storm straps.


is it available in stores?

we currently stock our bike & BBQ covers in limited, selected stores.  see our stockists page for details. 


is it available in my country?

we currently ship to a limited number of countries within Europe.  if we do not deliver to your country then you will be notified at the checkout.  if your country is not available please email us at and we will be happy to see what we can do.      


will it prevent my bike going rusty?

absolutely!  our bike covers offer unrivalled protection from wind, rain and snow.  using our cover every day will help prevent rust.


I have a child's bike seat, will the bike cover fit?

no.  our bike covers are designed to fit snugly over your bike, preventing any rain entering.  therefore, they do not have room for a bike seat.


is it suitable for use on a car bike rack?

our bike covers have not been tested during transportation.  we do not recommend using on bike carriers.


I have panniers, will the bike cover fit?

yes. our bike covers will fit over pannier racks.  


how do I check the status of my order?

when your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number you can use to check its status.  please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available. if you haven’t received your order within 5 days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at with your name and order number, and we will look into it for you

how much does the bike cover weigh?

our bike covers are made from heavyweight yarns (up to 9x thicker than the competition). Our covers weigh 1.6kg.

does the bike cover come with a bag?

yes. our bike covers come with a unique built-in travel bag which allows you to quickly and easily pack your bike cover away ready for transportation or storage.  Simply fold the cover in on itself, zip up and away you go.  The bag measures 30 cm x 35 cm x 13 cm so will fit in an average back pack or pannier.  


how should I care for my bike cover?

hand wash only. use soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge.  our covers are tough. but even tough needs a little TLC. to prolong life-expectancy please avoid resting your bike against rough surfaces (such as brickwork) which can wear down even the toughest materials over time.  storm skin bike covers come with a special protective coating to minimise sun damage and fading. however, the sun is one powerful so and so. prolonged exposure to uv will eventually result in loss of colour. we recommend, where possible, storing your bike out of direct sunlight and putting your cover away when not in use.

Please keep away from small children to avoid risk of suffocation.

how environmentally friendly are your bike covers and BBQ covers?

we're not perfect.  but, we do care. we try to produce our products in a way that does the least amount of damage to the planet.  all our covers are made from 100% recycled polyester - one bike cover saves around 75 small plastic bottles.  our covers are free from fluorocarbons, a group of chemicals commonly found in waterproof products. fluorocarbons have been linked to a number of serious health conditions including cancer and birth defects. these nasties are sometimes referred to as 'forever chemicals' as, once released into the environment, they never break down.  we use non-toxic alternatives that perform just as well.  our packaging is free from plastic and 100% recyclable.  

how do the lock holes work?

our bike covers come with 2 locks holes on each side (4 in total).  this allows you to lock your cover to railings, bike hoops etc. without having to hitch up the cover.  The front hole allows you to lock your front wheel and frame. the rear hole allows you to lock the rear wheel and frame.

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