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BBQ covers that
tame the rain.

heavy-duty and eco-friendly

BBQ covers.

all the flame,

none of the rain.

you’ve got the dream BBQ. you’ve mastered your marinades and perfected your pastes. don’t let rust ruin your rump. 

our heavy-duty BBQ covers are proven to keep your grill perfectly dry and rust-free. 

Waterproof Blue with background.png

3,000mm waterproof rating 

Condensation blue with blue background.png

sealed seams prevent water penetrating the barbecue cover. 

BBQ cover fabric with water droplets
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backpack fabric

Untitled (200 × 200px) (4).png

100% recycled polyester

Untitled (200 × 200px) (1).png

up to 9x

thicker material than rivals

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close up of BBQ cover fabric with backpacks in the background

tougher than an

overdone T-bone.

fed up with replacing your flimsy BBQ cover? storm skin BBQ covers are different.  


we use heavy-duty fabric usually reserved for military backpacks. all seams are double stitched for extra durability.  


storm skin BBQ covers come with a special UV resistant coating to prevent fading (certified by AATCC).   

our BBQ covers come with a 12-month guarantee.

leftovers welcome.

got a distaste for waste?

our BBQ covers are made from 100% recycled polyester. 


also, unlike many brands, we don't use fluorocarbons in our BBQ covers. these toxic chemicals are bad for our health and bad for the planet. storm skin BBQ covers are made using non-toxic alternatives that perform just as well.

BBQ cover in front of plastic bottles
BBQ cover straps

fits like a burger in a bun.

tired of retrieving your BBQ cover from next door’s hedge?  we get it.


our designers studied every contour of the leading BBQ models.  the result is a BBQ cover that fits perfectly - no more billowing in the wind.   


all our bbq covers come with heavy-duty storm straps to keep your cover in place whatever the weather.   

shop BBQ covers.

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